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Since 1886, the National Academy of Sciences has honored outstanding achievement in the physical, biological, and social sciences through its awards program.

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Nomination Deadline: Nominations must be submitted by 11:59 pm EDT on Monday, October 3, 2016.

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Awards to be Presented in 2017  
Arctowski Medal Awarded to a researcher selected for outstanding contributions to the study of solar physics and solar terrestrial relationships. The recipient is awarded a medal, a $100,000 prize, and an additional $100,000 to support further research in solar physics and solar terrestrial relations at an institution of their choice.
Arthur L. Day Prize and Lectureship Awarded to a scientist making lasting contributions to the study of the physics of the Earth and whose lectures will provide solid, timely, and useful additions to the knowledge and literature in the field. The nominee should be a good speaker with the ability to summarize and synthesize current knowledge in the field. The recipient is awarded a $50,000 prize and funds to present a series of Day Lectures.
Gibbs Brothers Medal Awarded for outstanding contributions in the field of naval architecture and marine engineering. The recipient is awarded a medal and a $20,000 prize.
Henry Draper Medal Honors a recent, original investigation in astronomical physics. "Recent" is defined as a major publication resulting from the investigation should have appeared since the last presentation of the award (2013). The recipient is awarded a medal and a $25,000 prize.
NAS Award in Chemical Sciences Awarded to honor innovative research in the chemical sciences that, in the broadest sense, contributes to a better understanding of the natural sciences to the benefit of humanity. The recipient is awarded a medal and a $15,000 prize.
NAS Award for Chemistry in Service to Society Awarded for contributions to chemistry, either in fundamental science or its application, that clearly satisfy a societal need. The award comes with a $20,000 prize and is presented in alternate years to chemists working in industry and to those in academia, government, and nonprofit organizations. Scheduled for presentation in 2017 to honor a chemist working in academia.
NAS Award for the Industrial Application of Science Awarded for original scientific work of intrinsic scientific importance and with significant, beneficial applications in industry. The 2017 award will be presented in the field of computer science. The recipient is awarded a $25,000 prize. Deadline extended to November 1, 2016
NAS Award in Molecular Biology Awarded to recognize a recent notable discovery in molecular biology by a young scientist (defined as no older than 45) who is a citizen of the United States. The recipient is awarded a gold-plated bronze medal and a $25,000 prize.
NAS Award for Scientific Discovery Recognizes an accomplishment or discovery in basic research within the past five years. The fields of science for each presentation will rotate among chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, astronomy, physics, and materials science, with the inaugural award presented in 2017 for a recent discovery in astronomy, physics, or materials science. The recipient is awarded a $50,000 prize and $50,000 to support their research.
NAS Award for Scientific Reviewing Awarded to recognize authors whose reviews have synthesized extensive and difficult material, rendering a significant service to science and influencing the course of scientific thought. The 2017 award will be presented in the field of criminology. The recipient is awarded a $20,000 prize.
NAS Prize in Food and Agriculture Sciences Recognizes research by a mid-career individual researcher at a U.S. institution who has made an extraordinary contribution to understanding the fundamental biology of an agriculturally important species and/or has had a major impact on agriculture. For purposes of the Prize, areas of science with application to agriculture include the plant and animal (livestock, aquaculture and poultry) sciences, microbiology, nutrition and food science, soil science, entomology, veterinary medicine, and agricultural economics. "Mid-career" is defined as as up to 20 years since the completion of his or her Ph.D. The recipient is awarded a medal and a $100,000 prize.
National Academy of Sciences Public Welfare Medal Presented by the Council of the Academy in recognition of distinguished contributions in the application of science to the public welfare.
Pradel Research Award Award presented annually to recognize mid-career neuroscientists whose work is making major contributions to our understanding of the nervous system. The recipient is presented with a $50,000 research award to an institution of their choice to support neuroscience research.
Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in Convergence Research Honors significant advances in convergence research -- the integration of two or more of the following disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biomedicine, biology, astronomy, earth sciences, engineering, and computational science -- for achievements possible only through such integration. The recipient will receive a medal and a cash prize (amount TBD). Deadline extended to October 10, 2016
Richard Lounsbery Award Recognizes extraordinary scientific achievement by a young American researcher (age 45 or younger) in biology and medicine. The recipient is awarded a medal $50,000 prize and an additional $20,000 to cover expenses incurred in the pursuance of further research in France.
Selman A. Waksman Award in Microbiology Awarded in recognition of excellence in the field of microbiology. The recipient is awarded a $20,000 prize.
Troland Research Awards Two awards are presented to young investigators (age 40 or younger) to recognize unusual achievement and further empirical research in psychology regarding the relationships of consciousness and the physical world. Each recipient is presented with a $75,000 prize to support their research.

NAS Awards Process

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Nomination Requirements

Nomination requirements may vary by award. However, the following items must be submitted for all awards:

  • A letter from the nominator describing the candidate's work and why he or she should be selected for the award. No more than three (3) pages.
  • Curriculum vitae. No more than two (2) pages.
  • Bibliography listing no more than twelve (12) of the nominee's most significant publications.
  • Suggested citation. No more than 50 words.
  • Letters of support. Two (2) letters are required. Support letters must be written by individuals from institutions outside both the nominator and the nominee’s institution.

Self-nominations are not accepted.

Joint nominations are discouraged and will only be considered when nominees have collaborated closely - usually in the same laboratory - on the work to be recognized by the award.